what happened to indie voyage?


the story of indie voyage

In 2014, Collin Sullivan and Rob Leach had a vision: establish an indie dev-friendly publishing company that would eventually rule the world! Our first project rolled out in February of 2015...

reassembly (2015)

Reassembly by Anisoptera Games, was the creative vision of Arthur Danskin. With his vector engine built from the ground up, Reassembly was a relative hit and we're all anxiously awaiting his next title which is sure to be another astounding crowd-pleaser. No pressure, though :).

zavix tower (2016)

Zavix Tower is an inspired party-based and turn-based old-school dungeon crawler by Chris McAulay's Batholith Entertainment. Batholith continues to produce terrific work having completed Hydraulic Empire previous to Zavix, and their latest: Empire Architect.

venture forth (2017)

An incredibly ambitious project, Venture Forth, by Jeremy Ingham's Arclight Worlds, takes players through an incredible journey through a retro first-person 3d action-adventure title. Using its completely original engine, the game comes with a powerful modding tool capable of building entire worlds from the ground up.

so what now?

After an incredible ride, Indie Voyage simply could not continue to sustain itself. Colin continues to rocket towards incredible success as legal counsel at Patreon while Rob has taken on the Indie Voyage brand while maintaining his Game Production profession.

special thanks

So many people deserve thanks for having made Indie Voyage such an amazing experience. Beyond the developers themselves, each amazing people in their own right, the two top mentions would have to be Peter Brown, incredible musical talent on both Reassembly and Venture Forth, and Alyssa Evans. Alyssa will no doubt have an incredible rise up the ranks of game industry professionals or else the biz will have missed out in a big way.

While not directly related to Indie Voyage but every bit as important as anybody affiliated is Monica Cable, my beautiful wife without whom I'd be completely lost.

Other mentions of amazing people include: T.K. Drummond (all-around awesome human being and major assistant to the cause), Yoonah Danskin, Aaron Duran, FifeStar Media (Brian Fife, John Weber, Matt Quirk, Sabrina Supapkooha), Micah Jackson,Hallie Crawford, Josh Bycer, INDIE (twitch.tv/INDIE), Christian Archondo, sunGnif, lightPyro83, The RNG Gods, PIGSquad, Steam, and fans of indie games and their creators everywhere. My most humble and sincere thanks to you all; you have been a tremendous inspiration to both Colin and I and we are forever in your debt.

-- IndieVoyageRob