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So, who the heck is indievoyagerob?

IndieVoyageRob is none other than Rob Leach, a 15-year video games industry veteran with, wait for it, over 100 launched unique titles to his credit. He's worked in a multitude of digital media: AAA console, a variety of educational handheld devices, interactive theater installations, pre and post-smartphone mobile devices, an EEG-driven game, browser-based games, and PC titles.

He's worked at a variety of companies in his career, from start-ups -- Timeplay, b spot, Indie Voyage -- to slightly more established entities: THQ Wireless (RIP), Disney Interactive and SkillJam (part of Liberty media), as well as a few places in between. If you'd like to get in touch and learn more about IVR, check out his Contact page.

professional experience

b spot (2013-2017)

producer | qa manager | ducumentarian

As the very first paid employee of Game Play Network (aka Oddz, aka b spot), Rob was initially tasked with everything from building product use-cases to wrangling the executives for product discussions, from conceptualizing the video games target genres to aiding in the investor presentation documentation.

Rob also initiated the video games department and aided in fully documenting the processes and goals of that department. As a producer, Rob worked on over 25 games while simultaneously managing the games QA team for the latter 2 years of his employment.

Indie Voyage LLC (2014-2017)


Starting the company with Colin Sullivan in 2014, Rob took on the role of games production advisor to all clients in addition to helping sign on clients. You can find more information on the projects Indie Voyage worked on in the ABOUT INDIE VOYAGE page

contract producer | designer (2010-2012)

disney (producer)

Working on a team specializing in Educational Games, Rob interacted will all primary clients: Leapfrog, Fisher Price and V-Tech. He managed and maintained Disney and Disney*Pixar brand consistency, oversaw art reviews, brand reviews, VO sessions, and handoffs between departments.

gamiana digital entertainment (designer/producer)

Game designer on the browser strategy game, Vinashi. Was onsite production process consultant for the team in Bikaner, Rajasthan in Northwestern India.

awake connected entertainment

Game designer on Hyundai's marketing app/card game: Burn Notice -- Shadow Recruit.

timeplay entertainment (2008-2010)


At TimePlay, Rob oversaw the project installation and client interaction for The Real Deal, an interactive poker-themed game show in the then Wayne Brady theater at The Venetian Resort/Casino in Las Vegas. The project tasks included the following: A/V installation, game development and production, building live production processes and communications, team building and training, and on-site client interaction. This project required 2 months on-site production in Las Vegas.

Additionally, Rob oversaw the on-site installation and production process for our custom high-end Bingo and Trivia game shows on the Oceania Regatta cruise liner for 6 weeks. Tasks included tech oversight and client interaction.

Finally, Rob spent two weeks in the UK helping install and upgrade multiple bingo halls with its proprietary software and technology.


Game Wisdom Live Co-Host