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NBA2KLeague Fantasy Pick’Em

Welcome to the 1st edition of the NBA2KLeague Fantasy Pick’Em. This is specifically for 2k employees so if that doesn’t describe you (or you weren’t expressly invited by a 2k team member), then you won’t be getting any prizes, whatever those might be.

The Rules

Each week, a new series of links will be visible in the upper part of this page. These will represent game days for the week. Each link will only be available up until 1pm Pacific before that day’s games start. These times are subject to change at the whim of the league manager.

Each day, players will make predictive picks as to how the day will go and, in doing so, will gain points. The player with the most points at the end of the season will be declared the winner and take whatever prize they have earned. I’m thinking we’ll get some super cool garb for several of the participants.

How to Play

On each game-day page, there will be 5 statistical categories and a series of options representing all games for that day. Pick the NBA 2K League player that you think will have the highest single-day average in their respective statistical categories and predict the winner of each of that day’s games. Your selections will be saved to a master spreadsheet.

Only the first submission of the day will be counted. Please use the same username each time you fill out the form from day to day or else there’s a strong likelihood that your selections will not count towards your running total.

If you make a mistake and accidentally submit an incorrect or incomplete form, simply let Rob know and he’ll make the necessary adjustments.


All scoring is straight forward: all stats gained are worth their respective points. If you select OneWildWalnut for scoring and he gets 20 points, you also get 20 points. If you select Dimez for passing and he gets 12 assists, you get 12 points. Also, any winning team you pick gets you 1 point.

The winning-team pick’em points value changes for tournaments. These adjustments will be stated within the Tournament pick’em pages themselves.



1) Aquaman21: 549

2) Boynton: 548.5

3) Coffin: 544

4) Fermented Albatross: 531

5) 1% Skill, 99% Luck: 498.5

6) It's Spherical: 409

7) The Earl of Chungus: 121

8) The Autistic Animals: 79

9) Not Compliant Name: 73.5

10) RandomPickMaster: 19