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NBA2KLeague Fantasy Pick-’Em

This is an experimental fantasy league meant to be low-key. At the moment, I’m uncertain of prizes but this league is invite-only.

How to Play

The rules are very simple: pick 5 players who you think will have the highest stats in a given category, then pick the winners of all the games of that day.


Participants earn 1 point for every single stat point earned by their selected player. So, if you select Dimez for assists and OneWildWalnut for points and each gets 10 and 20 respectively, you’ll have earned 30 total points between those two selections.

Each correct game prediction earns 1 point with bonus points for every game beyond half for the day. Each bonus game predicted earns one point beyond the previous so, if somebody correctly predicts all the games in a 6-game day, they’ll get 1+1+1+2+3+4 points: 12 in total.


Be consistent with your team name as season-long stats will count on a per team-name basis. You cannot go as “The Flying Daffodils” in week 1 and change to “Gertrude Mahogany” for week 2 and expect your scores to add together.

Only the first submission for each week will be counted. If you make a mistake on a submission, please contact Rob to address. All submissions will be cut off the night prior to the first game of the day at 7PM Pacific time.